maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2011

Blah Blah

Hah, I've been very active writer, like you may have noticed. But I think my life has just been very hectic at times. And I haven't been so inspired recently: it's almost dark 24/7,cold and I think I have had better things to do maybe..(sounds so cruel haha). 
But now I just felt like it's time to do some updating(=talk about shit etc...) so here it goes.

This is how I looked on saturday(19th of November). We started drinking at my friend's place and later went to bar. It was like ''girls' night out'' sort of thing :--)
This is how I looked like hihi:

 Haha,very angryyyy
 haha, this photo is so awww, but I just had to edit Ella's face, so that she won't kill me or anything...

Today I was with PemppuI met her at the centre and we drove to her place and took some nice pics as you can see... haha actually we just goofed around :--Dd
 But I think here we look pretty cute hihi

 I also took pics of Pemppu. This one is the best, I think! The pic is so cute and so 'wintery' :--)

 I almost forgot to mention, that I had Halloween party at my place, it was actually like month ago :--D It sure was hell of a party, but afterwards not very nice.....
 My own,lovely hookah !
 Pemppu again, and love is in the air hihi ! Hot girl action

 Eero (the pink haired 'beauty' ) lookin' very sexy,must admit... :--D

 Ultsi and the best Halloween costume(mask) ever.. XD

 Group photoooo. I was so 'iweight987986kilosandI'mugly' so I had to adit my face a bit..
 And the last photo: My dear brother ♥ 

But now it's time to go watch some television and maybe eat something hihi. Hope I will soon be inspired again !

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  1. H0h00000♥ joskus pitää pitää joku serious photoshooting tai jottai XD