maanantai 27. kesäkuuta 2011


After lots of hard work and a big battle with the intro text, we finally have done it :--) written our very first text to our brand new blog ! Well, guess it's time to do the introductions hihi!


Age: 18
Music: shibuya-kei, jazz, lounge etc.. account exmeme
Clothing: bohemian and sweet gyaru mixed together, natural look, all that feels comfy ( ´  3`)
Loves: for example making funny faces, gaming (right now Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes is super hot ! :-D), Hayao Miyazaki's movies and san-x !

 I'm going to write posts in both English and Finnish, so not every single post is written in English, sorry ! But of course, when asked, I'll add short translations. I'm going to write about my everyday life and what's currently happening: clothing, music and other stuff :-) Tryin' to include lotsa pics !

Age: 17, but soon 18 !
Music: My taste of music is pretty alternative.. I like bohemian, reggae, rap, rock, pop and also j-pop music and the list goes on...
Clothing: haha, almost same as Emma's, but I prefer maybe a bit ''hippier'' look. Feeling comfort is really important to me too!
Loves: friends, music, cute things, nature and such :--) I know,sounds like a ''cliché'' hah! I also like to play video games, especially roleplaying-games. Not very girly, but super fun ! 

I also prefer writing in English than in Finnish because , to my mind, it just sounds better and it's really a really good way to make my english stronger :--) 
I will mainly focus my texts on everyday life, lots of pics included! I try not to write too much, just the most important things, so you won't be super bored ^0^'

Hope you got interested and will continue reading also in the future hihi! 

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