torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2011

This morning I had to wake at 10am and I was super sleepy, having seen all these weird dreams all night long -__- Then I went to shower and headed towards the city center. I had to go to my driving school to take a ''practise exam'' so that someday I will pass the real exam. It went horribly btw:--D
Oh, and today I looked like this:

 Just a little pic 'cause I have the 'no-make-up-at-all-look' ( °n ° )
I will take more outfit-pics when I have more time and I look nicer XD
After my test, I saw my old friend Pemppu  who I haven't seen for a long time! We bought some peas, they were so good !

Look! cute sea creatures whoo ♥

It was super hot today, like +28 or 29 degrees. I was like a melting ice-cream :--(
We went to Pemppu's home after this and the hotness were even greater at her place XD
But luckily guitar hero saved us :--)

It's already the last day of June.. And it feels like summer holiday hasn't even started yet! I hope I will use my holiday days well...and not spend all my days with Playstation... XD
Still the temptation is huge  *--*

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