sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2011

I know I'm so lazy! But school has been taking all of my time, because of the final exams etc...
But this is what I've been doing these couple of weeks !

At Supasoul fest,Joensuu ! ☺

 Raappana ^


 Kemmuru and Aksim ^

 Mr.Tammenterho ( ゚▽゚ )

Last tuesday we arranged a surprise b-day party for our friend Henna ! It was super cool and Henna didn't know a thing beforehand!

Lol :--)
Our yummy drinks mmm.
Henna's super-princess-umbrella-drink
Henna's gift: a survival pack (-u-)
WOW CUTEEE-not ! doggy faces
Haha and above all- We had a limousine !! (  ゚ u ゚ )

After the ride, we went to eat to Intro and ordered some drinks also !

Paris Hilton-drink mmm!

Meri's pornstar-martini hihi

Yesterday was super lazy day, and we just were at home with my bf and wondered in forest..  ̄> ̄

Jesus-pics :--D

That is all.

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