torstai 13. lokakuuta 2011

Wasting my time

Hello everyoneee. Finally, my testweeks are over and I have been trying just to chill out a bit.I haven't been doing much anything, just enjoying my free time and easy timetable at school •u•
Yesterday I looked like that.. And after school I didnt. It rained AGAIN.. •^•

 Actually I have been doing lot of this ^
(taking pics of people and beer)
Haha, but only sensibly !

and I decided to pimp my bicinis, they were so lame-ass-bitch type so it was time to do something !! I really didn't do much, I suck at sewing. I have never actually learned properly how to sew, so I just improvise... But to my mind, the final result was pretty nice!

I just hope they didn't turn out to be too Granny-style..
I wouldn't want to be on the beach wearing some Granny pants..XD

  I made a big decision 3weeks ago or something.. I bought myself Nintendo Wii!
I have always wanted it but never been brave enough to actually buy it.. XD I also bought three games: 
Fragile Dreams
Just Dance
Silent Hill: Shattered memories

I maybe like Silent Hill the most! It's a horrorsurvival game, where you play with this dude called Harry, who has lost his daughter in a town called Silent Hill(and the town is almost deserted and it's snowing and dark..)

 here are some pics from it.. I'm such a pussy and can't play it alone so I always call my friends to play with me XD
The idea is to solve puzzles, find clues to help you find the daughter and run as hell when those creepy crawlies attack you, you can't fight them !

 I like the game very much, but one big negative thing about it is its lenght.. ITS TOO SHORT. I played it 3 times and I have already played it through! But I will start it again soon haha

And another thing; I'm going to Portugal tomorrow !
These few days I have just packed and packed :--D

It's suppose to be like 30 degrees there! I can't wait to get out from Finland and see some sunshine and just chill on the beach!!
Not bad at all •u•

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