perjantai 1. heinäkuuta 2011

B E A C H !

 Helloooo, it's Maria blogging again ! 

Today was also a super busy day! Thank god , I could sleep till 11am this morning and I didn't have to hurry at all! This was how I looked today:

HAT from Italy(random shop)
PONCHO Forever 21
BRACELET from Hawaii(random shop?)

I had to go to babysit some kids nearby for 3 hours, and must say it's harder than you might think! Playing with trains, cars and legos for 3 hours -__- huh. I even had to change diapers for the first time in my life !! @__@ ugh

There he is... :--D

After that I went to a beach called 'Vänäri' and hung out with my friends                (including Emma :-)). We went to our 'usual spot' (haha) and the weather was unbelievable perfect. It was also boiling hot,like +30 or something !

 Emmi and Kia bought these giant swimming  rings XD

Emma is prettyy  ( ・ω・ )

 Some yummy Somersby-cider mmmm *--*
 Me with Emmi hihi :-)

 We took very hot pics with Emma, as you can see. What can you say-HOT HOT HOT !

 Then I took few pics of Emma too ☺
Emma will kill me haha XD

The duck army came when we were about to leave the beach! Those baby ducks were so super cute ;--; ! 

More these kind of days , please. Now it's time to go bed XD bye!

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