sunnuntai 31. heinäkuuta 2011

Long time no see !

Huh! It's been like 3 weeks or something since I wrote here last time. SO much to do, SO little time ! I promised to myself yesterday that today is the perfect day to make some updates and so I did it :--) YAY !
My birthday was 23rd of July and as a b-day gift my mom took me to PARIS ! Can you believe it?! I was very excited 'cause I haven't ever been in France and above all, I just love to travel *>*

We had to wake up at 4 o'clock and hurry to the airport! 
Luckily, the flight took only 2 hours or so :--)

  This was our hotel ! So tall !

 Little super heros! ♥

 Some dude ruined my photo lol

 Some looney from Seine :--D

 Notre Dame ! I was so thrilled to see Quasimodo but he never came :'--(

We bought a wine bottle that cost 70 euros! Life is so expensive

 From Louvre. We didn't go in, but the yard was pretty also!

 More and more wine... 
 This dish was maybe the most yummiest foods I have ever tasted!! *--* It was something fishy..

 The next day we went to see the Versailles palace and it was HUGE! And as you can see, the waiting lines were like kilometres long -__-... 

 Marie Antoinettes royal bed !

 More wine :--)

 On Sunday, we went to St.Quan's flea market area, which actually included a bazaar-type area also. The Fleamarket's are usually open on saturdays,sundays and mondays, so it was the perfect day to go check this one out! And I think I bought most of my things there :--)

 This is where I bought my waterpipe and it cost only 10 euros :--D

 !!! ♥
We climbed to the Sacre coeur-mountain XD and there were this famous person, who was surrounded by tens of people. I later discovered that it was UsherXD

 We went to a cemetary (whose name I cant remember). Many celebrities have been buried there, including Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf.

                   Edith Piaf                                               Jim Morrison

 In the evening we went to a restaurant named ''Cupole'' or ''Cupol'' or something and I ate 55euro meal XD it was good must say! and of course Créme brulee :--)

 The last day before leaving and I looked like this !

 I love Disney-stores! I wanted to buy this huge mermaid-mug but my mom wasn't so into it :--(

 Champs Elysee. Have I always wanted to walk on that street or what !
 L'arc de Triomphe

 In the evening I had to go back to Finland ! :--( I would have wanted to stay a bit longer but I couldnt... too bad. This was also the first time I flew by myself from a foreing country... But it wasn't too scary :--) 
I will definetily go back to Paris someday! There's just too much to see and experience! 

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