maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011

Le shopping

I almost forgot! These are the things I bought from France :--) I hope I'm not forgetting anything!

Necklace 8,90e , C&A
Nail Polish (Blue) 1,95e , Monoprix
Nail Polish (Orange) 3,90e , Monoprix

Shorts-costume(or whatever) 39,90e 14,90 e , Monoprix
 And here's the shorts-print :-)
Colorful bag 10,00e , St.Quan's Bazaar

Long skirt 10,00e , St.Quan's Bazaar

 Mini Skirt 12,00e , Can't remember -__-

Red Blouse 29,90e 14,95 e , Mango
Water Pipe/Hookah 10e , St.Quan's Bazaar 

I'm very satisfied with my shopping's, even thought I 
didn't buy so much stuff :-D At least you won't find same stuff here in Finland ! 

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