sunnuntai 21. elokuuta 2011

Ciao !

 Hello ! This weekend has been quite quiet and dull.. I guess I'm used to all kind of action and partying that a ''normal weekend'' feels very,very boring :--D
I haven't done much anything, yesterday I hung with my friends and played Playstation..I know, I'm nerd but can't help it !Today I actually went to jogging,which was good.It made me feel little bit more active( ○ u ○ )!
I have tried to paint something these couple of days, but my inspiration is lost somewhere... I did paint, but I just continued one old piece which I had stopped doing(because I'm such a lazy ass).

These are pic's of me from yesterday. Trying to be CUTE.but failed :--)

 Super edited hahah lol.

I actually hate taking photos of myself, it makes me feel such a kid. But as I don't have a personal professional photographer of my own, these will have to do!

 I was wearing brown contact lenses from Cybershop and false eye lashes !
 Sorry for super blurriness !

I also excited to take pics of my plants, which I have grown all by myself :--)
I'm just sad, 'cause I think some of them will die soon :--(


 This is what I was painting. It's not ready yet as you can see. But it's not going to be ever so special piece so I won't take pressure from it XD

 This is some acryllic painting (Edward scissorhands) which I have also stopped doing... I should probably continue it someday :--) but not now anyway haha.

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