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Rockin' all night long

Again I'm late with updates ! We were at Kuopio Rock Cock (XD) last week-end with Emma and other guys. It's this music event, but there were so lame bands so I didn't buy ticket. Emma had a ticket, 'cause she got it from her mom or something.
Looooooooots of people attended and Kuopio's Väinölänniemi beach(and surroundings) were loaded with drunk youngsters and also older people:D
Here's some pics :--)

 Emma and Meeeee (゜∇ ゜)

 This material is from the second day (saturday). Everyone felt little bit sick but still wanted to go there again :E

 This photo was kind of an accident, but I think it's nice huh!

 ... XD

And from tuesday to thursday I felt spontanious and left to Helsinki with my friend Meri, just to have fun and shop and to see our friend :--) These photos are from monday evening when were at Kaisaniemi park drinking some ciders and goofing around etc :E

 Later on, we hooked up with Emmi and Joonas and decided to go to see the nightlife of Helsinki-city.
 Nightlife of Helsinki definetily... 

We walked around the city centre and found out that the clubs were only open on fridays,saturdays and sundays(or something) so we asked locals to guide us to some  nice bars instead. We found a bar called 'Llamas' and 'Iso Roba'! Luckily they were very cool and the evening went well. I didn't want to carry my camera around then anymore, so we have no pics from the bars :--(

This is after we came to Emmi's and Joonas's hotel room XD

 ^ Trying to fix my bed or something
 On the morning we went to Kamppi to have some breakfast and then headed towards Puotila, where our friend lives. We took metroooooo whoo

 my friend's apartment :--)

Yesterday we had a party at Sakke's place, just chillin' and listenin' to music ! I bought a champagne bottle with my friend Hanna and couple of other drinks.
 We played drinking games and we also invented a new game called 'Maria's drinking game' XD It was a breaktrough.
The rules were kind of like this:
 1) Praise (Sakke)
            2) Sing along with Sakke
   3) Draw and guess                                                                                                              4) Act an animal
             5)Wear swimming glasses
            6)Take 5 gulps of alcohol
  7)Take 10 gulps...
                                    8)Take a funnyface and a pic with camera
                           9)Tell your sex fantasy to others XD
           10)Give somebody 5 gulps
Other 3 I can't remember right now.. :--D It was so twisted haha


 My super funny face -.-

Not hard partying and we left early, but a nice evening still :--) And it was very nice to walk home when it rained like hell and thunders everywhere zxzdzd :--(
Till next time !

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