sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2011

material girl

Hey y'all Emma here ! 
Maria has been writing a lot of huge posts lately and I thought I should write something too but couldn't come up with anything 'cause Maria already told about everything we've done lately so.. I'll introduce things I've recently bought hah ( ̄▽ ̄)

Both shirts/tops from KappAhl's sale, they had taken half of the already discounted prices off so I just couldn't control myself ! The ruffled top was only 2.50€ and the lightbrown-one was 6.50€, to me that's CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP \(>o<)/ The brown one's pattern actually reminds me a little bit of Louis Vuitton's Monogram but I realized that only after I had bought the shirt !

 This long necklace was from Vero Moda and cost only 2€ so I didn't do much thinking before taking it to the cashier XD I like it anyways, so I find it quite the bargain.

Maria told you guys that we were at the KuopioRock a while ago and I had a ticket. I went there to see Pariisin Kevät and I bought this canvas totebag (with my boyfriend's money haha XDXD) with the band's logo after the gig. They were so super live, couldn't help but laugh to their idiotic jokes during the show ( ̄▽ ̄) The leadsinger actually purposely sung (in Finnish ofc but I'm translating to English) "you'd grow a moustache to ground" even though it's supposed to be "roots to ground" XDXD

 These albums I've bought during the summer vacation (actually now that I think about it, my boyfriend paid all of these for me so I guess I shouldn't be talking about me bying them..? ( ̄~ ̄;)) Anyway, all of these have been on my shoppinglist for ages so it was about time I got 'em !

Next only in Finnish:
Voin sanoa että yllätyin todella kun kävelin sisään Kuopion äksään ja törmäsin Corneliuksen Fantasmaan alle 10€ hinnalla, ei se ihme oo siinä että äksästä löytyy tällästä musiikkia vaan se että nyt puhutaan KUOPION ÄKSÄSTÄ :-D Tähän asti mun käsitys siitä kaupasta on ollu se, että valikoima on suurin piirtein Turmion Kätilöt + trash metal :-D  Jopa Kuopio tarjoaa joskus positiivisia yllätyksiä haha ( ^ _ ^) Levykauppaäksästä saa muuten myös ihan kohtuullisen halvalla Pizzicato Fiven levyjä jos selaa netin puolelta, vinkvink. 

School starts the next thursday and feels like summer just went flashing by (._.) But me and Maria are going with a small group to our summer's last rockfestival Jurassic Rock (shouldn't probably say "rock" since we go there to see electronic, reggae and hiphopartists)  on next weekend so the return to school won't be so bad huh ;-)

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