tiistai 16. elokuuta 2011

hair + impulse buy

So, a while ago I tried out this mori girl -inspired fluffy and messy curled hairdo ! Failed. Failing has really become one of my expertise ( ゚▽゚) The hair could've looked great if I had made a bit larger curls (?) and had bangs, but it was okay and I kinda liked it so photos..

I know that fox tails are already an old thing and everybody has them, but I've never bought one because I haven't found them in Finland and didn't really want to order one 'cause it would've been expensive. So... I walked to H&M's accesory shelves with my friend and SAW IT O(≧∇≦)O A (small) fox tail for only 4.95€ ! Once again, I didn't do much thinking before buying it XD Photos !

Yeah, this really is my everyday life, camwhoring alone at home and buying lotsa new stuff to make myself feel better :---------------)


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